Pro Epoxy uses top of the line materials from industry leading Manufacturers including Dur-A-Flex, Pro-Rez Performance Resins and Coatings, and Citadel Floor Finishing Systems.
These industry leading manufacturers are based out of Connecticut (Dur-a-Flex and Pro-Rez) and the midwest (Citadel). They offer amongst the most innovative products on the market and meet or exceed FDA, USDA, DEP, and OSHA standards.
Pro Epoxy also utilizes superior equipment to mechanically prepare each substrate for every project. Preparation is the most key component to epoxy floor installations. Mechanically grinding or shot-blasting the concrete to create a clean and porous surface is vital for product adhesion and bonding within the concrete substrate.
In order to achieve the proper Concrete Surface Profile (CSP) for excellent product adhesion and bonding, Pro Epoxy operates SASE and Lavina Superabrasive Diamond Floor Grinders, as well as Blastrac Shot-blasters, that are attached to HEPA approved vacuums. This equipment not only prepares the substrate properly, but it is also a safe and virtually dustless work environment.
Residential Garage - After Epoxy Install
Commercial Garage - After Epoxy Install